Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Manoil and I am running for State Treasurer to honor Arizona’s promise. The Treasurer is Arizona’s banker, steward of taxpayer funds, and should be a responsible voice in state revenue and budgetary matters. For too long, a self-serving political culture has institutionalized looting of opportunity for our citizens, in the present and in the future. A state budget structural deficit 25 years in the making has damaged our institutions. Education is suffering, and the only solutions being offered are imposition of more sales taxes or further cuts to spending, making problems worse.

Arizona’s promise is as a place for its residents to thrive. Our state’s founders more than 100 years ago made part of the social contract in our state constitution the opportunity of education to everyone, through university, as close to free as possible. We need to honor Arizona’s promise.

While we need to respect Arizona’s past and honor its original promise, we can further that promise in our era by enabling more, not less, opportunity to our residents. In education, in business, and in finding other means to help our diverse population thrive. We are a richer, more populated place now, and should invest some of our resources in our own community, rather than entrust everything to Wall Street.

I believe my experience as a property tax lawyer, businessman, and Arizona public school graduate prepare me for this challenge.

Mark Manoil